Due Diligence and Sanction Screening

Risk Mitigation Amplified by AI Technology.

Automatically perform real-time screening against global sanction lists and watchlists using our advanced AI and machine learning technology. Identify and flag potential high-risk customers for further review, while onboarding low-risk customers quickly and efficiently.

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how it works

Screening. Flagging. Alerting.

Sybrin Screening Services are sets of pre-built API integrations to various RegTech Data Sources. The solution can use the default Acuris integration, integrations exist for most standard sources, or custom integrations can be built to better suit the solution requirements. Screening services involve checking if the client is a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) or if he/she appears on any international watchlists and if there are any existing sanctions against the individual. Acuris also returns a rich set of adverse media results.

PIP/PEP Sanctions/Watchlists Adverse Media Financial Regulatory and Law Enforcement

why it works

Data-driven Decision Making.

There is a logical and easy-to-use interface that supports the KYC process, including alerts, correspondence, and reporting. All steps are automated as much as possible with customer adjusted workflows, rules, and reminders. It can be integrated with the customer's systems for a 360 view of the customer and better data to make decisions with.

why choose us

Compliance. Efficiency. Security.

Our intelligent process automation and intelligent data extraction capabilities are what drive the speed and efficiency of our classification extraction and validation services for KYC documents and related validations. Intelligent Identity Card Processing is just one example of what we automate.

the difference

Comprehensive Screening and Enhanced Due Diligence.

Our screening process references a vast number of lists, while reports are easily compiled for Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD).

Sanction, PEP, and List Screening

Sanction and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) screens are a critical part of the KYC process and are required at various other steps of the compliance and fraud check process. Our sanction list and pep screenings cover more than 1,100 lists and is both affordable and provides better PEP details for Africa. When it comes to list screening the following sources are usable:

Automatic case creation and regulatory filing.

Integrated models for validations.

We have services integrations.

Lists third-parties provide.

Lists you provide.

Lists we provide.


The Sybrin KYC Case Management operational portal allows a KYC Analyst to perform CDD and EDD on all cases submitted from the channel apps. It contains the following functionality:

API for channel to submit a case for review.

Account Opening Details Customer Personal Details Customer Address Details HANIS Result Supporting Customer KYC Documents Liveness Results KYC Details Facial Compare Results Sanction Screening Results Customer Banking Details

KYC Case Management Portal for Customer Due Diligence.

CDD Regulatory Reports Supervisor Functionality


Logical and Easy-to-Use Offering.

Manage your compliance and risk management activities effortlessly to reduce the likelihood of financial crime and enhance your trust and reputation.

Acuris integration.

Real-time alerts and reports.

1,100+ sanction and PEP screening lists covered.

Easy-to-use UI.

CDD and EDD.

360 customer view.

Configurable rule sets.


A Scalable Solution for Improved Efficiency.

Automatically screen large volumes of data with configurable flagging and alerting rule sets.

Enhanced Compliance.

Reduced Risk.

Scalable for operational requirements.

Better PEP details for Africa.

Improved efficiency and productivity.

Sybrin Platform - Use Cases

use cases

Enhanced Compliance.

The versatility of our products makes them applicable to many different industries, in the realm of compliance we aim to enable the facilitation thereof in as many spheres as possible to play our part in enabling increased security and mitigation of risk.

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