Customer Communications and Experience Manager | CCX

Create and Maintain Meaningful Relationships with your Customers.

Simplify your client engagement with our end-to-end offering which incorporates the automated generation, customisation, and distribution of all customer-oriented correspondence.

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how it works

Manage. Distribute. Analyse.

An effective offering with omni-channel communication capabilities through all available channels.

The CCX offering consists of six key components:

  1. customer management

    Manage preferred communication methods, languages, and communication delivery times.

    Customer Details.

    Language Preferences.

    Preferred Communication Medium.

    Preferred Delivery Time.

  2. Correspondence Generation

    Generate customer correspondence in the following formats:

    Web Portal.






    Mobile Devices.

  3. Correspondence Template Management

    Manage various customer correspondence templates:

    Statement Templates.

    SMS Templates.

    Email Templates.

    Document Templates.

  4. Distribution Management

    Generate delivery reports:

    Email Delivery Report.

    SMS Delivery Report.

  5. eMarketing

    Has the ability to perform:

    Targeted Marketing.



  6. Correspondence Archiving

    Process, route, and archive communication sent by customers from email and SMS.

    Incoming Correspondence.

    Outgoing Correspondence.

why it works

Easily integrate our offering into your existing systems.

Our easy-to-use offering distributes all forms of correspondence through a wide variety of channels with ease.

When it comes to integrations, the CCX offering has a full CCX API and customer portal allowing the customer control and visibility across all activities and channels. Ensure the successful leveraging of your CCX platform with our comprehensive and easily-integrated offering.

why choose us

Simplicity. Reliability. Conformity.

Our experienced team is extremely capable of ensuring that your customer engagements conform to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

With over three decades of experience in the financial industry, we have been implementing similar CCX solutions for our customers for many years and understand the complexity and, as of late, the regulatory requirements involved with setting up a complex CCX solution. We can deliver a solution that is simple, easy to use, and conforms to industry best practice to ensure you are able to leverage off the benefits.

the difference

Add a Personal Touch.

Fully customisable correspondence conforming to your organisation's branding and industry best practice requirements.

The CCX solution stands apart from its counterparts in the market due these key differentiators:

Super-compression technology.

World class security principles and practices.

Hyper personalisation.

Our understanding of customer data in the banking and financial services.


Customer Correspondence Has Never Been this Easy.

Our solution offers you a hassle-free omni-channel experience with advanced compression technology while following world-class security practices.

Communication personalisation at scale.

Single, integrated engine (personalised communications engine).

Touchpoint and channel agnostic (deliver timely, relevant, and compelling information to your customers, through any channel, any form, and on any device).

Multi-channel failover planning.

A true omni-channel resource able to design, produce, manage, and deliver smart communications for any device, channel, or format at scale.

Rule-based intelligence (applies your business rules in real-time and self-optimises for continuous improvement).

Our systems also continuously learn from past campaigns.

MMS as a mass-communication channel.

Personalised SMS campaigns.

Personalised video.

Numerous and flexible video-production options.


HTML campaigns.

Interactive pdf attachments or downloads.

Digital portals (Online customer portal).

Super-compression technology.

World class security principles and practices.


Total Flexibility.

Our solution enables template-based or fully customisable correspondence while conforming to your organisation's corporate image for your convenience.

Our technology helps you personalise email content.

Adding secure email payment portals.

Embedded at-a-glance statement summaries.

Connect personalised emails with service agents.

More comprehensive and accurate email tracking.

Increase customer satisfaction, advocacy, and Net Promotor Scores.

Increase customer loyalty.

Increase customer lifetime value.

Inform and educate.

Assist and simplify.

Create differentiated experiences.

Sales opportunities.

Simple, fast onboarding.

No mind-numbing integration projects.

Agile and flexible to use.

No budget-busting set-up costs

Sybrin Platform - Use Cases

use cases

Optimise Your Business.

Our product use cases are diverse, ranging from automating workflows and increasing productivity to streamlining customer engagement and improving customer service. With the help of Sybrin's AI-powered solutions, organisations can automate complex processes and tasks, allowing them to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Static bank statements

Interactive bank statements

Transaction status notifications

Statement distribution

Financial services insurance sector onboarding/welcome

Quarterly customer satisfaction

Claims process communication

Post-claim communication