Content Delivery Network | CDN

Secure File Transmission, Encryption, and Compression.

Increase data delivery speed with layers of nodes, each with its own library of cached files, between the front-end client and the central content repository.

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how it works

Index. Encrypt. Store.

Sybrin CDN introduces a new layer between the front-end client and the central content repository. The new layer can consist out of one or more layers of CDN nodes (web services). Each CDN node will keep its own library of cached files. This library of cached files gets built over time with every request passing through the CDN node. An index entry is added to a local SQL lite database and the physical file is encrypted and stored on the local file system. A file is only cached once the file has been successfully requested or uploaded. The Sybrin CDN aims to increase data delivery speed and reduce network load for "heavy" data requests.

Visualisation of a Level 2 CDN environment

UI / Sybrin Platform


Nearest Cache Server


Regional Cache Server

Primary ECM

Content Repository

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why it works

Increased Data Delivery, Reduced Network Load.

Our CDN solution offers improved download and upload flows, a secure file transfer service, as well as advanced encryption, security, and compression features.

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Sybrin CDN Download Flow

Whenever a front-end client downloads content, it will perform a check to see if the CDN is available. If a node is available, the client will download the desired content from the node in question. The node will in turn check its own index of files to see if it can serve the download request. If the node does not have the file, it will query the next node in the tree. The next node will again check if it has the file. This will continue until the file is found on one of the nodes, or the download request eventually reaches the central repository. Once the file starts moving back down the line of requests it will be cached at all the nodes that do not have the file cached. The process is completely transient and has no dependency on the CDN nodes remaining online. At any point during the chain of download requests should the CDN node fail to serve the request, the calling node will simply try the request from the next available node.

Sybrin CDN Upload Flow

When the front-end client attempts to upload content, it will upload the content directly to the central repository to ensure the file is ready for the next request as soon as possible. When the file is successfully uploaded the client will cache the page to the closest CDN node. This is an asynchronous fire and forget process so the client can resume processing. If the upload request successfully reaches the first node, the node will add the content to its local index and file store. And then the request will be forwarded to the next node in the tree.


Sybrin's encryption technology provides the following functionality:

The data protection layer provides support for the following key encryption types for data level encryption:


Certificates using provided key lengths and defaulting to 2048-bit keys

RSA encryption algorithm

PGP encryption algorithm

Content is encrypted using the following supported algorithms:

Passphrase (via zip file format)

AES256 encryption algorithm with support for the Rijndael with both Electronic Code Book (ECB) and Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) encryption modes


RSA encryption algorithm

PGP encryption algorithm

Supports digitally signing of xml files using SignedXML

BCrypt hashing is used to secure sensitive user information as a one-way hash (based on the blowfish cipher).

RSA (with a key size of 2048) encryption for hashing of user session values whilst using the JSON Web Tokens (JWT) standard.

Supports file data signature verification.

SHA256 is the default hashing algorithm used.

Settable initialisation vector for Cipher Block Chaining encryption mode.


Sybrin makes use of file optimisation by primarily reducing the size of image-heavy files - by as much as 90% in some cases. This is achieved by eliminating redundant data and converting graphics to the most appropriate file format and resolution. Optimised files are still accessible in their original format and retain all their functionality, so they can be opened and edited by a user with the appropriate access permissions. There is no need for special decompression or viewing software.

The below industry standard compression is supported:

WinZip 12 and upLZMAPPMd (Used in RAR by default)BZip 2GZipTar

Additionally, at point of capture, whether it is scanning or uploading. The images are converted to the appropriate file format and resolution to ensure minimum impact on network constraints. For example, if a document is scanned as black and white with a resolution of 300 dpi and provided in a jpeg format, Sybrin automatically converts the image to TIF LZW and resamples the file to a configurable threshold which is defaulted to 200 DPI.

why choose us

Fast. Reliable. Secure.

Having implemented systems across many countries, Sybrin has experience in dealing with the challenges of low bandwidth, latency concerns and more, and therefore have optimised the use of our CDN to mitigate these concerns ensuring our customers can continue their work as efficiently as possible.

the difference

Comprehensive Package.

Sybrin's CDN is built on the foundation of our Platform and as such can be used as part of any and/or all of our offerings. This means you don't need to engage a third-party supplier.


Improve Your Users' Experience.

An extensive set of features to help businesses deliver their digital content efficiently and effectively while also providing robust security.


Secure file transmission.

Encryption technology.

File optimisation and image size reduction.

Supports industry-standard compression.


Optimal Content Delivery.

A reliable, fast, and secure way to deliver digital content with advanced encryption, optimisation, and compression technology.

Increase data delivery speed and reduce network load for "heavy" data requests.

Better connectivity and scalability.

Reduced bandwidth consumption.

Reduced latency.

Enhanced security.

Improved content delivery.

Sybrin Platform - Use Cases

use cases

Innovate with Our Technology.

Our solutions are designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. With a focus on innovation and technology, our products continue to evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of our customers.

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