Intelligent Document Processing | IDP

Eliminate Manual
Data Entry.

Our goal is to achieve true cognitive and intelligent process automation, within the enterprise, by enabling straight-through-processing with no human touch points.

Sybrin's proven IDP solution is one of the easiest and fastest ways companies can leverage AI to deliver tangible results to increase efficiency, deliver a superior customer experience, and maintain compliance.

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how it works

Automate. Extract. Process.

We simplify the automation of data extraction, the intelligent interpretation of that data, and the subsequent processing thereof during customer onboarding, claims processing, and more, from identification documents, policy schedules, and invoices, amongst other document types. As a machine learning-based system, we also provide a model that automatically learns and adapts to changes where possible. New business and account maintenance information can also be captured and sent via workflow to various departments to enable efficient customer service, and web services are available to receive customer correspondence and assign it appropriately while keeping an audit trail thereof.

Ingest Content Easily.

Web Scanning

Mobile Camera

Web Camera

Drag & Drop

Bulk Import



Bulk Upload


Pixel Perfect Image Capture using AI and Computer Vision.

Digital Noise Removal

Edge Detection

In Focus

Auto Capture

Resize and Re-Baseline

Shadows, Glare, and Background Removal

B&W, Greyscale, Colour Document Conversion

2D And 3D Geometric Distortion Correction

Auto Rotate and Align

Brightness and Contrast Equalisation

Machine Learning Classification.

Build, train, test, and deploy content ML models easily using our intuitive Content Model Configurator.

Train and deploy models in the cloud or on-premise using a browser.

Experiment and Test models to get optimal results.

Built on top of open source AI engines.

Supports supervised and unsupervised learning techniques.

Supports object-based and text-based classification.

Simple model building.

Intelligent Data Extraction.

Build, train, test, and deploy extraction templates easily using our intuitive Extraction Template Configurator.

Supports pluggable OCR, ICR, and native extraction techniques for best results.

Create extraction rules: NLP-based rules, script-based rules, model-driven rules.

Test and deploy extraction templates.

Easily setup extraction points.

Easily Integrate Extracted Data to Other Systems.

Data Transformation Tools.

Export Tools.



why it works

Improving upon Perfection.

Using computer vision our native and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), extraction is powered by deep learning OCR, which means it is not just another OCR or text extraction tool. Together with a human feedback mechanism, our neural networks allow us to get the most accurate reads and ensures that our system gets better and better over time as it learns.

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms help automate any business process which involves processing natural language data such as emails, chats, complex documents, and legal contracts, while our predictive, text, and behavioural analytics derive high-quality information from any text format.

Why Choose Us
Machine Learning Classification

Enable straight-through-processing with no human touch points.

Data Extraction

Improve productivity, efficiency, and maximise profits by reducing operational costs.

why choose us

Fast. Trainable. Configurable.

Aside from an increased ROI, Sybrin can offer you out-of-the-box pre-trained IDP solutions which can be easily reconfigured to suit your requirements, while also streamlining your document tracking by providing you with the ability to view records anytime, anywhere.

who we help

Versatility at Your Service.

We assist organisations in document-intensive industries such as insurance providers, underwriters, brokers, banking manufacturers, corporates, healthcare, and more, to automate manual and time-consuming tasks by eliminating data capturing. In turn, we reduce human error and improve productivity and efficiency. The ultimate goal is to shorten business cycles and enable straight-through-processing with no human touch points, thereby maximising profits by reducing operational costs and delighting the customers with faster processing times.

the difference

Going the Extra Mile in Automation.

Using machine learning technology, our solutions are capable of going beyond what is typically available on the market.

  1. AI Technologies

    Our IDP software solutions blend the power of AI technologies to efficiently process all types of documents and feed the output into downstream applications.

  2. Structured or Unstructured Data

    Contrary to typical OCR solutions which are not adequate for the digitisation of diverse scanned documents due to their reliance on template-based structures which are field specific, our IDP solution is AI-driven and can process any form of structured or unstructured data.

  3. existing document models

    Our existing document models i.e., ID, Passport, Bank Statements, and Insurance Policies.

  4. technical knowledge

    Our technical knowledge in blending the correct extraction technologies to get the best results.

  5. Pricing Flexibility

  6. Local Support


Do Things Differently. Automate.

With our IDP offering, manual data extraction and capturing is a thing of the past. This ever-improving solution just gets more accurate thanks to our sophisticated machine learning algorithms.

Automatic Machine Learning Classification.

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Faster turnaround times due to increased straight-through-processing.

Self-learning solution with continuous improvement on accuracy.

Can validate credentials in online environments as well as verify against third-party databases.

Data Extraction.

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Records can be retrieved any time, anywhere.

Easily integrate Extracted Data to other systems.


Optimisation Made Simple.

Our IDP offering is designed to streamline and optimise your data extraction and capturing, increasing your overall capacity and efficiency and reducing costs.

Solve complex challenges in data extraction.

Enable intelligent process automation.

50% to 400% capacity improvement.

50% to 75% reduction in process cycle time.

25% to 75% reduction in cost.

Automated extraction of structured and unstructured data, documents, files, emails, etc. across the organisation.

Automate manual and time-consuming low-level work.

Delight your customers with faster processing times.

Enable straight-through-processing with no human touch points.

Reduce human error.

Maximise profits by reducing operational costs.

Eliminate manual data capture.

Shorten business cycle.

Streamlined regulatory compliance.

Information is the lifeblood of a business. It enables employees, from front-line customer service reps to chief executives, to take action and make good decisions. Often times important information already exists somewhere in the organization but the lack of a holistic document management strategy stops it from getting where it's needed. Although there are technologies that could help address these issues, they have yet to be fully utilized by most organizations.

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Sybrin Platform - Use Cases

use cases

Innovate with Our Technology.

Our solutions are designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. With a focus on innovation and technology, our products continue to evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Invoice Data Extraction

Receipt Data Extraction

ID Document Data Extraction

Insurance Policy Data Extraction

Account Opening

Claims Processing


Policy Schedule Automation

Auto Indexing and Workflows for any Document/Case