Digital Onboarding in a Few Simple Steps.

First impressions count, give your customers a frictionless omni-channel onboarding experience that is seamless, personable, and exceeds their expectations while avoiding unnecessary admin.

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how it works

Automate. Digitise. Customise.

We offer the ideal digital Identity, Onboarding, and Verification solution for any organisation currently on a digitisation journey. It is an omni-channel offering that provides the customer with quick and easy setup, saving endless hours of unnecessary admin by automating and digitising processes for client onboarding and straight-through-processing. It also allows Product Teams to market to specific customer types, have real-time product performance statistics, measure the impact of value-added feature updates on products, and track drop off rates.

Unified. Innovative. Modern. Compliant.

  1. contact details

    Credentials are set up by users providing their email address and phone number, and then verifying this information.

  2. address details

    Proof of address is submitted by either submitting a utility or by using the geolocation functionality on their smartphones.

  3. ID capture

    The relevant option between an ID book, smart ID, passport, etc. is selected along with other info such as nationality.

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  4. liveness detection

    A selfie is taken for passive liveness detection or facial movement instructions are provided for active liveness detection.

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  5. identity verification

    The liveness detection and identity information are being verified and screened against third-party lists for validation.

why it works

Modular by Design.

The Sybrin Identity, Onboarding, and Verification solution, by design, is web-based and modular and this will provide you with straight-through-processing. This modularity enables a unique ability to deploy quickly thus reducing the risk of large deployments and providing the stage for a phased implementation. A key benefit of this solution is lower storage costs, paper savings, reduced printing expenditure, and overall reduction of associated operational expenses.

the difference

Build a Comprehensive Digital Ecosystem.

Using the Identity, Onboarding, and Verification solution, you can enhance all your channels which require onboarding with a simple, easily integrated process automating and facilitating the gathering of data.

Some of these digital experiences include:

Digital Branch Mobile Branch Self-Service Kiosks

With Add-on Modules such as:

Account Maintenance Account Activation Cheque Book or Card Ordering

why choose us

Flexible. Accessible. Compliant.

We offer an innovative tool that can be deployed as the preferred channel, or components can be integrated into other third-party channels using the SDKs or through APIs. As this is built on the Sybrin Platform, our solution supports a quick time to market enabling go live within months rather than years, thus creating a streamlined operation rapidly through digitisation.

Reduced operational costs

The faster deployment, configuration flexibility, and open stack support provided lead to additional reductions in operational costs.

Flexible deployment options

It can be deployed either on-premise or hosted in a cloud environment, or as a hybrid.

Low cost of ownership

Only the required components need be procured/subscribed to, supporting a phased delivery as required by the business case.

Stronger compliance and reduced risk

The configurable rules engine ensures that new processes can be easily integrated into the solution when they arise, thus addressing the relentless pressure to incorporate and implement regulatory compliant solutions where required. The rules engine also enforces additional processing around our other competencies such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. Our automated services can also perform automated sanction screening if required.

Monitor transaction processing anytime, anywhere

Our systems ensure transaction tracking from initiation until completion, allowing you to make informed decisions. These modules can be added as our applications are built in a modular approach.


Efficient and User-Friendly.

Easily collect, verify, and process customer information quickly and efficiently, resulting in exceptional customer experience.

Dynamic web and mobile forms.

Business process management.

Document capture and management.

Intelligent document recognition.

Decision and Rules Engine.

Contract generation.

Analytics, dashboards, and reports.

Core banking integration i.e., middleware.

Customer communication and marketing.

Biometric capture and verification.

Electronic signature (mobile device signing and signing using signature pad).


Streamline and Simplify Your Onboarding Process.

Designed to reduce time, effort, and abandonment rates, while greatly improving accuracy and the overall customer satisfaction rate.

Create outstanding CX.

Reduce onboarding TAT.

Reduce abandonment rate.

Reduce operational costs.

Increase sales and maximise profitability.

Improve management visibility and control.

Increase business agility.

Accelerate digital transformation.

Sybrin Platform - Use Cases

use cases

Achieve More, More Simply.

Our products are designed to improve business processes, increase efficiency, and provide better customer experiences. With our flexible and adaptable solutions, we are able to meet the unique needs of each industry and deliver effective solutions that drive growth and success.

Paperless digital account opening

Remote biometric onboarding

Retail mobile self-onboarding

Remote onboarding